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Can border agents inspect your electronic devices? It’s a tricky subject.

By ACLU We’ve been getting a lot of questions about when border agents can...

Arizona-based Border Patrol agent convicted of bribery, drug trafficking

By Rafael Carranza A Border Patrol agent stationed in Nogales will spend...

ACLU Files Claim Against Customs and Border Protection for Alleged Sexual Assault of Teen Sisters in Texas

By Monique Judge The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California...

In ‘unprecedented no-show’ U.S. officials skip Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearings

U.S. government policies and practices on immigration, indigenous rights and...

U.S. border agents told a Mexican teen to drink liquid meth. His family received $1 million for his death.

Cruz Velazquez Acevedo began convulsing shortly after he drank the liquid...

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