IACHR Press Kit

Photos and Videos of Petition Delivery to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights 

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San Diego Police Department’s Police Report (Download Now)

Inter-American Commission of Human Rights Petition (Download Now)


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Maria Puga Statement to Use of Force Review Board

Anastasio H. Rojas Beaten and Killed by Border Patrol

Watch Online: With Titled Descriptions | Without Titles
High Resolution Download (right click): With Titled Descriptions | Without Titles

Anastasio Hernandez Rojas in the Hospital: May 31, 2010

YouTube Video Playlist of Anastasio H. Rojas
Includes first eyewitness video released in 2010 and more.

Anastasio’s Story (Interview with family and witness)
Watch Online:  Eyewitness Audio Testimony (Spanish with subtitles)
Download (right click): Eyewitness Audio Testimony (Spanish with subtitles)
Autopsy Report


Author: Chakiara Tucker

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